Today we remember

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nationale rouwdag

Today we remember the victims of the plane crash in Ukraine. A tragedy that should never have happened. I grieve for all the families that lost loved ones, a piece of their happiness, in that crash.

The first 40 are home!

#MH17 #BringThemHome

foto: Christian Timmers
foto: Christian Timmers

Update 24/7
And again 74!
#MH17 #BringThemHome

Mr President,
For the Netherlands, one priority clearly stands out above all others: bring the victims’ remains home. It is a matter of human decency that remains should be treated with respect and that recovering victim’s remains should be done without any delay
Frans Timmermans 21/7

Bring them home

Update 25/7
And again 75!
#MH17 #BringThemHome

Did they lock hands with their loved ones, did they hold their children close to their hearts, did they look each other in the eyes, one final time, in an unarticulated goodbye? We will never know.
Frans Timmermans 21/7

foto ANP
foto ANP

Update 26/7

For now the last 38 are home
#MH17 #BringThemHome

It must be unbearable first to lose your husband and then to have to fear that some thug might steal his wedding ring from his remains. To my dying day I will not understand that it took so much time for the rescue workers to be allowed to do their difficult jobs and that human remains should be used in a political game. I hope the world will not have to witness this again, any time in the future.
Frans Timmermans 21/7

Foto ANP
Foto ANP


Update 4/8
Vandaag is er weer een vliegtuig geland, met één kist.
#MH17 #BringThemHome

I call on the international community, on the Security Council, on anyone with influence on the situation on the ground: allow us to bring the victims’ remains home to their loved ones without any further delay. As we are currently taking the lead in the forensic examination of the human remains, I pledge that the Netherlands will do its utmost to make sure that all remains will be identified and returned home, where ever that home may be.
Frans Timmermans 21/7

Foto : ANP
Foto : ANP

Welcome Home


Update 08-11-2014
Today another five coffins with human remains came home
Monday 10/11 we remember.

Today we remeber

Voor een vriend

Nu ‘t rouwrumoer rondom jou is verstomd,
de stoet voorbij is, de schuifelende voeten,
nu voel ik dat er ‘n diepe stilte komt
en in die stilte zal ik je opnieuw ontmoeten.

En telkens weer zal ik je tegenkomen,
we zeggen veel te gauw: het is voorbij.
Hij heeft alleen je lichaam weggenomen,
niet wie je was en ook niet wat je zei.

Ik zal nog altijd grapjes met je maken,
we zullen samen door het stille landschap gaan.
Nu je mijn handen niet meer aan kunt raken,
raak je mijn hart nog duidelijker aan.

Toon Hermans

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